Another Reason I Am Glad I Am a Solo

This morning, like every Friday morning, I received an email from the ABA with a roundup of the top stories of the week. One was about an attorney in California who requires all of the male attorneys at his firm to wear a tie every day.

Now I could not care less what this guy likes to wear, or how he runs his law firm. If he believes that wearing a tie everyday makes him more successful, then more power to him. Although I love the linked article (downloads as a PDF) in which he shows off his various accessories, including his pocket square, reading glasses, cufflinks, watch, and sevenfold tie.

I find hilarious, however, that he criticizes younger attorneys because “They rely on social media for their news and to exchange information with others, causing them to frequently examine their smartphones for updates, even in the middle of discussions with others.”

I agree that one should not examine smartphones for updates while in the middle of a discussion. However, I fail to understand why it is bad for attorneys to use social media to gather news and to exchange information with others.

Regardless, I am just glad that I work for myself, so I can choose how I run my office, and how I dress.