Gizmos, Gadgets & Widgets

Recently I had the honor of  presenting with Nerino Petro at the ISBA Solo and Small Firm Conference. One of the sessions that we did was a Gizmos, Gadets & Widgets session at 8:30 on Saturday morning. I was pleasantly surprised with the number of people who turned out early Saturday morning for the presentation.

KeynoteAs usual, we had great fun with this presentation. At the session, we mentioned that we would make our presentation available on my site. Thus, you can now download a PDF of our presentation Gizmos, Gadgets & Widgets. You can also find this and many other files on my Files page.

If you have any questions on any of the items, feel free to contact either Nerino or myself.

Register Today for the ISBA Solo and Small Firm Conference

Today is your last day to get the early bird pricing to attend the ISBA Solo and Small Firm Conference. I have attended each of these conferences and I have always had a great time and learned something. More information can be found here and the complete conference schedule can be found here (downloads as a PDF).

I will admit that I am not an entirely neutral party here. I serve on the planning committee for this conference and I am scheduled to speak there. However, I really do think that this is a great conference and well worth attending.

In addition, one of the sessions that I am speaking at will be unique. This year the Wisconsin Solo and Small Firm Conference is occurring at the same time that our conference is. Thus, on Friday, we are trying something that I am not sure has been tried before. We are doing a joint presentation on working remotely. We are going to have two speakers at the Wisconsin conference and two speakers at our conference and we will be making the same presentation to both conferences at the same time.

Even if you don’t want to see our joint session, please join us for the conference, and sign up today to make sure you get early bird pricing.

2010 ISBA Solo and Small Firm Conference

The 2010 ISBA Solo and Small Firm Conference will be on October 21 through 23 in Springfield, Illinois. We had a great time there last year. I anticipate that year will be even better now that we are in the Hilton. If you don’t have other plans, I urge you to consider attending.

I will be speaking at two sessions. One will be on using Acrobat to help you migrate to a paperless practice. The other is on time and billing and the associated IOLTA issues.

If you can’t attend, you can follow other attendees on Twitter. The hashtag we will be using is #isbassf.

You can find further information here.

Register for the ISBA Solo & Small Firm Conference

Don’t forget to register for the ISBA Solo & Small Firm Conference. It is in Springfield again, although not at the same hotel as last year. This time the conference will be at the Hilton. I have attended every ISBA Solo & Small Firm Conference and I think it has gotten better every year.

Register by August 27, 2010 to receive the early bird discount. After that, the registration price increases.

You can download the complete schedule here.

I will be speaking at two sessions. One titled Your Secret Weapon in the War Against Paper: Adobe Acrobat and PDF. The second is titled Your Bottom Line: What You Need to Know about IOLTA and Firm Accounting, Time and Billing.

In addition we will also have the following presentations on the Tech Track:

  • Email Bankruptcy: How to Deal with Email Overload
  • Integrating Technology into the Modern Law Office to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness Without Spending a Bundle
  • Practicing in the Cloud: Pros and Cons of Software as a Service (SaaS), Online Document Repository and Virtual Law Practice
  • Document Management for the Law Office: Buy It or Build It?
  • The Ethics and Security of Cloud Computing
  • Trial Tech: Taking the Mystery out of Litigation Support Software and Trial Technology Without Breaking the Bank
  • The Barbarians are at the Gate: Securing Your Technology and Your Network
  • Mac in the Law Office: Running a Mac in a Windows World
  • I Have the Power: Using Advanced Legal Features in MS Word

In addition to these programs, the Substantive and the Effective and Ethical Practices Tracks have a variety of excellent programming as well.

You can register for the program here.

ISBA Solo and Small Firm Conference Starts Today

ISBA Solo Small Firm 2008I don’t know what your plans for today are, but I am headed to the ISBA Solo and Small Firm Conference. I will be speaking at two sessions. Today I am speaking with Nerino Petro on online applications and Software as a Service (SaaS). On Saturday, I am again speaking with Nerino, Todd Flaming, and Adam Nelson and we are presenting 60 tips in 60 minutes.

If are you attending the conference stop by and say hi. if you are not planning on attending, you should. I have attended every year and learned something every year. It is a great opportunity to meet people and get some MCLE credits at the same time.