The Waste of Time that is the Internet

Don’t get me wrong. I love the internet. However, I recognize that it is very easy to stop and check one blog post or one news story and then the next time you look at a clock, you realize that an hour and a half has gone by. Eric Zorn has found a great tool that allows you to take a break, but ensures that you do not lose track of time.

The site is called to use it, you simply type length of time) in your web broswer address bar. for example, if you wanted a 10 minute timer, you would type

I created a bookmark to the site and I saved that bookmark to my Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar. Thus, now if I want to take a 10 minute break, I simply open that timer in a new tab and take my break, knowing that the timer will let me know when my 10 minutes are up.

Best Blago Quote I have Seen Yet

I normally avoid political topics on the blog, but with the impeachment trial going on in Springfield, it is impossible to ignore. The best comment I have heard about the whole mess comes from a post from Eric Zorn. He was commenting on fact that Blagojevich had purchased a puppy for his children because they were having a hard time with the arrest and impeachment process. Zorn noted:

I genuinely do feel bad for the Blagojevich girls. What a heartbreaking and scary ordeal this must be for them.  What a bleak future they face.

The sympathies I feel here are similar to the sympathies I feel for Lura Lynn Ryan, the wife of our imprisoned former governor. But they also remind me family, particularly children, should always be an extra incentive to do right in this world.

He then concluded with:

Those closest to you pay an unfair and heavy price for your sins so, you know, maybe you should think about that before you indulge in an orgy of venality instead of trying to compensate later by buying a puppy.

Awesome. Just awesome.