Free Software Training from HP

One of the problems that most people run into is that they have never been properly trained on the software that they use. Proper training is typically expensive in terms of both time and costs. Based on a comment in a Technolawyer newsletter, I learned of the HP Learning Center. The center includes training videos on a variety of software programs as well as other skills (such as photography and marketing). Best of all, most o the videos are short (5 minutes or less) and they are free.

Now, you won’t be able to solve all of your software training issues with this site. However, you will likely learn a few things if you watch the videos on the programs that you use. For example, I watched the video on the special features in Word 2007 and learned of some changes that I did not know had been made.

Anyway, check out the site for more info.

Is Anyone Else Having Problems Using Cambria with HP LaserJet 5

Quite a while ago I made the switch to using Cambria as my default text font in my word processor. I really like the looks of it and I think that it looks good and is easier to read on both the screen and paper. Recently, however, I have been having problems printing from Word 2007 to my HP LaserJet 5 while using Cambria. When doing so, I end up with a document that looks like:

Sample Printed Cambria

As you might expect, this is quite annoying. My initial thought was that it might be a problem with the font itself. Maybe it became corrupted. However, the same document print to my two Lexmark printers at home just fine. If I change the font from Cambria to something else (I have tried both Calibri and Times New Roman) everything prints just fine.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I am stumped.