The Connected Lawyer Podcast

So, a little more than a year ago, I started a podcast with Aaron Brooks. If you don’t know Aaron, he’s a great guy, a brilliant technologist, and a fantastic friend. Also, he’s a pretty good lawyer. Anyway, we talked about this for a while and then decided to move ahead, so we started a podcast. Right now, we have 10 episodes out. You can find the episodes here or however you normally listen to your podcasts.

Topics we have covered include

  • Microsoft To Do
  • Chat GPT
  • Active Words
  • One Note
  • Digital and Electronic Signatures
  • LastPass
  • Document Assembly

ABA Techshow Podcast

While I was at ABA Techshow, I had the opportunity to be on a podcast from Legal Talk Network. I had the pleasure of sharing the podcast with Nancy Duhon and Ernie Svenson, both of whom had great thoughts that they shared Legal Talk Networkon the podcast.

You can listen to the podcast here. While there, you should check out the other podcasts recorded at Techshow.