ABA Techshow App

There were lots of things that I loved about going to and speaking at ABA Techshow this year. It was great to see old friends and meet new ones. I saw some great presentations and learned lots of new information.

The one thing that I got to experience that was new to me, however, was the Techshow App. It was a conference app that I was able to download to both my Android phone as well as my iPad.

The app gave me easy access to the complete schedule, speaker bios, written materials, exhibitors, etc. In short, it was a wealth of information that was easily accessible from both my phone and my tablet.

There were two features that I really liked about the app. First, I could mark certain sessions as favorites. This put those items on a separate calendar. This way I could narrow down the sessions that I wanted to attend and easily see this in simple view. I would then know where I needed to be and the time that I needed to be there.

The second feature that I really liked was the fact that I could complete the evaluation form from inside the app. There was no need to keep track of the evaluation form and turn it in. Instead, I could complete the evaluation (for both individual sessions and the conference as a whole) from within the app.

In short, I found the app very useful and easy to use and I absolutely loved the fact that I had all of the information I needed in an easily accessible format that was entirely electronic.

If you are planning a conference, I urge you to check into an app such as this. It seemed very popular at the show and I absolutely loved it.

The app was developed by Crowd Compass. I had the pleasure of meeting their General Counsel at the show. However, I fell in love with the app before I found out how cool he was.