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I had some good comments relating to yesterday’s post about using iTunes with Windows. Based on the comments, it appears that iTunes runs much better on the Mac than it does on Windows. That is certainly good. However, it does little to evangelize to non-Mac users.

I want to elevate a couple of the comments to a post and discuss them.

Samantha Wilson said:

Yes, but it takes no time at all. I’m no expert, but it’s my impression (from my knowledge of common sense coding and how well iTunes works) that the large updates replace some of the existing code, so even though you’re downloading fifty megabytes, and iTunes is increasing slightly in girth, it doesn’t grow by fifty megabytes.

First, I would disagree with the assertion that updating “takes not time at all.” I spent 21 minutes updating yesterday. Second, I was not concerned that iTunes was growing by 50MB every update. My concern was why an incremental update from version from 7.2 to 7.3 took 50MB. I can understand a major download between versions (from version 6 to 7). But, from .2 to .3? Surely this process can be streamlined.

Also, why do I have to essentially download the entire program again to install an incremental update? Obviously, I already have the program, that is why I am updating it. Why do I need to reenter my email to go from version 7.2 to 7.3? I am aware of no other program that treats incremental updates in this manner.

Neil Squillante commented:

Regarding issue 1, you need QuickTime to watch those TV shows of yours.

Based on Neil’s comment, it appears I needed to be clearer with my objection to the bundling of QuickTime with iTunes. I have no problem if Apple includes QuickTime in its download of iTunes. I think that makes sense. iTunes should include all of the programs needed to listen to or watch things you purchase from the iTunes store.

The problem that I have is that I should not have to download and install iTunes if all I want is QuickTime. QuickTime is a popular format for movies on the web. I should be able to watch those without having to download and install iTunes as well.

Thanks for the comments!

2 thoughts on “More iTunes discussion

  1. I apologize if I was unclear. My first sentence was in direct reply to your last question: “On the Mac, does the update still require you to download a 50MB file?” Neil hit the nail on the head when he said that the whole environment is controlled. iTunes is made for OS X, and on a decent computer with OS X, it runs, and updates, wonderfully (provided you aren’t also doing a lot of memory-hog stuff at the same time.)

    It seems annoying for Apple to be forcing iTunes on you along with QuickTime, especially since iTunes apparently functions poorly on Windows. I hope you find a way out of that, if it exists (I’ve found that Apple is better about giving such freedom than Microsoft, but not quite as much as I’d like.)

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