Man Takes Out Cell Phone Towers with APC

I know that sometimes I get frustrated with my cell phone. However, this seems to be a bit of an over reaction. APC

A man in Sydney used an armored personnel carrier to destroy six cell phone towers. According to the news report, the police were able to arrest the man after the tank stalled while he was preparing to attack a third cell phone tower.

Apparently the man attacked the towers because he believed that radiation from the towers had caused his “head injury.”

My biggest question when I first saw this story was where did the guy get the APC. It turns out, however, that he simply stole it from his former boss, who rents it out for weddings and motor shows. Thus, it appears that it is a decommissioned APC.

My favorite line of the news story came from the magistrate who arraigned the man.

Magistrate Terry Forbes said there was a strong case to be made for the case to be dealt with under the Mental Health Act.

Those magistrates are kings of the understatement.