A New Twist to an Old Scam

The Detroit Free Press reports on a county treasurer who was charged with embezzling public funds to invest in an online Nigerian banking scam. The Free Press reports that the man had transferred at least $72,500 of his own money to the con artists before he allegedly sent up to an additional $1.25 million in public funds.

The news story is an interesting read, with the best quote coming from a spokesman for the Attorney General who said “Every part of this makes you wonder, ‘What was he thinking?’ ”

I have seen many news stories about these scams and people being taken advantage of by them. However, this is the first story I have seen in which a person stole money to invest in one of these scams.

These scams (which are commonly known as 419 scams) appear to still be finding victims. I know that I have warned a least two people of these scams when they contacted me to seek help setting up accounts to transfer the money.

It looks like that, in addition to warning our friends and family about these scams, we also need to be warning our public officials.