Friday Fun: A Doubleheader

I have two fun things I want to point out today. One is “scary-fun” and the other is “cute-fun,” but it’s probably only that if you have small children.

First, the scary-fun.

From Wellington Grey comes a  great little slide show demonstrating some of the more inane aspects of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The subtitle to the slide show is “An Example of Anglogue Circumvention and Idiocy.”

Anyway, check it out to see a clever analogy that demonstrates some of the idiocy of the DMCA.

The next item comes from the Cafe Press store of Redhead Esq. Clearly playing off the great children’s book Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Redhead Esq offers a selection of items, from bibs to tote bags, telling the story of ten little monkeys who call a lawyer instead of a doctor:

10 little monkeys jumpin’ on the bed

One fell off and bumped his head

Mama called the lawyer and the lawyer said

Have the monkeys sign a release and indemnification agreement holding you harmless from any injury or damage which may occur should they continue to jump on the bed.

Now that is a bedtime story.

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