Being Productive Despite the Kids

One of the things that leveraging technology to practice law allows you to do is to practice law anywhere. Sometimes, this means that you are practicing law at home, with the kids around. If you have ever tried this before, you know how difficult this can be. Web Worker Daily has a post on how to work productively with kids at home. The list seems aimed at those who work at home a lot. However many of the tips work just as well for those who are working at home with the kids on a irregular basis.

Some of the best advice is for you to get up early or stay up later than the kids to get some work done. If you are a morning person, you can probably get some work done before the kids get up. Alternatively, if you are a night person, you can use the time after they have gone to bed to get some work done.

Another great tip is:

2. Team up with your spouse. It really helps to have a great, supportive spouse. My wife is a teacher, so she needs to do work herself, so we take turns working at the computer while the other keeps the kids at bay. Take the kids outside, or take them to a park, or read to them, while your spouse does some work. Then switch.

If you have a spouse that can help you with this, it is a great technique. It allows you to both get some work done and keeps the kids occupied.

Check out the entire post for the rest of the tips.