Microsoft Outlook Utilities

TechHitA while back a reader asked me if I knew of a solution that allowed him to file his emails from Outlook to a folder on his hard drive. I use Speedfiler and like it quite a lot. However, it files messages only in Outlook. That did not solve the reader’s problem. I was unable to help him. However, he found a solution on his own.

He is using MessageSave by According to the website, MessageSave allows you to:

Backup, archive, process, share and save Outlook email messages as individual files with MessageSave for Outlook. MessageSave is a great solution for email data retention, backup, archiving, sharing and a lot more.

In checking out MessageSave, I saw that TechHit has several utilities that integrate with Outlook to make the program work better. For example, SimplyFile works like SpeedFiler to help you file your messages within Outlook; EZDetach helps you manage your attachments; and OutTwit allows you to integrate Twitter with Outlook.

If you have ever thought, “I wish Outlook let me . . .,” you should check out TechHit and see if they have solved your problem for you.