Infected by Scott Sigler

InfectedI just finished Infected by Scott Sigler. It is a classic horror novel that gave me chills like I haven’t had since I read Misery, Thinner, Cujo, and the Shining. Infected is horror does in the classic King mold that is designed to scare you and mess with your mind.

One of the interesting twists is that Sigler approaches horror from a scientific point of view. Thus, when his characters start to itch when they become infected, you know the itch is real and that it is being cause by something natural, rather than supernatural. In one sense, that almost makes it scarier than supernatural horror.

Despite the fact that I kept wondering about every itch that I got, I loved this book and read it in about three days, because I really wanted to find out what was going on. Like a great horror book, this one has a definite well done ending, but it is certainly not an ending in which everyone lives happily ever after.

If you like horror. Check out this book.

If you want to hear Sigler talk about the book, you can download a couple of interviews here and here.

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  1. SWEET! So glad you dug the story. I think the scientific approach is what makes it hot. Definitely sets it a bit apart from most other modern horror — you can only read about ghosts so many times, you know?

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