My Social Media Presence

I am not sure why, but it feels strange to say that. However, I do have one a presence and I might as well make it easy to find.

My LinkedIn page can be found here.

I have also recently started using Twitter. My Twitter page is here. Cleverly, my Twitter name is Bryan_Sims. Please note the underscore. Although I suppose you can follow the other BryanSims (note, no underscore). His life is probably more interesting than mine, given that he is the CEO of brass Media.

If you are not familiar with Twitter, I urge you to check it out. Twitter allows you to broadcast what you are doing 140 characters at a time. I avoided Twitter for a long time, fearing that I might like it. That prophecy has proven true. The reality is that no one can really explain the Twitter experience to you. You must check it out for yourself to truly understand it.

If you want a good guide to getting started with Twitter, I recommend this blog post from Michael Hyatt. He gives a step by step introduction to getting started with Twitter. What are you waiting for? Start tweeting.

Once you get started, you will probably want to add some Twitter Tools to your arsenal. My favorite is probably Twitbin, which is an extension for Firefox. I have been having problems with Twitbin lately, however, and have switched to twhirl, which I like a lot.

If you use a Palm device, you can use MoTwit to tweet from the road.

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