Adobe Acrobat Seminars

It is no secret that  Adobe Acrobat is one of my favorite programs. I am excited about the launch of version 9 and am curious about what new features that Adobe has added to make Acrobat even better for lawyers.

Fortunately, Adobe appears to want to answer that question. Rick Borstein has announced on his blog that he will be free 1 hour eseminars where he’ll “show off the latest legal-specific features of Adobe Acrobat 9.”

Rick says that during the seminar, you will

  • Find out which features are in which version of Acrobat
  • Learn how to create a PDF Portfolio for a Closing Binder
  • Discover the new and powerful Document Comparison tool to help you spot changes fast
  • See how to accelerate Redaction workflows with pattern-based search
  • Split documents for electronic filing workflows
  • See new, easier-to-user forms creation and data collection tools
  • Use enhanced Bates Numbering to help you manage your case
  • Take advantage of new ClearScan OCR
  • Export PDFs for re-editing in a word processing program

Right now he has three different seminars scheduled. I am getting ready to sign up now. If you are at all interested, simply click here to go to Rick’s blog and sign up.