Another Great Firefox Extension

I love the various extensions that you can add to Firefox to make it work the way that works best for me. Tom Mighell at Inter Alia has identified another great Firefox extension Picknik.

Picknik allows you to easily capture graphics and webpages right from within Firefox. Picknic is easy to use. Simply right click on a photo or web page and the graphic is opened in a new tab with editing functions such as rotate, crop, resize, etc.

Also you can easily save the graphic or post it to a variety of websites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Flickr. I recommend you add this extension to your Firefox browser.

4 thoughts on “Another Great Firefox Extension

  1. I zoned it. Too much sun making me blond. I read about it from one of my RSS feeds too. In his, his Mac has issues on occassion where it scrambles the pictures. I have yet to see this issue.

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