Be Careful While Working and Talking on the Telephone

Last week I was reviewing a tract search from a title company. When I called the title company to ask about a couple of questions that I had on the search, the person I spoke with explained that it would take her a few minutes to get the information that she needed because she was working at someone else’s desk at the moment.

This was not a big deal from my perspective. However, I quickly realized that this woman narrated her work. It was a constant stream of consciousness narration of what programs she was selecting, what she was looking for, and where she should click her mouse. Although this was mildly annoying, I did not think much about it until the woman logged on to one of her company’s databases and proceeded to recite her password while entering it.

Fortunately for her, I had no malicious intent or desire to use her password. However, she did not know that.

Based upon this experience, I would suggest that if you talk to yourself, be careful and make sure that you do not say your passwords out loud. You never know who could be listening.