Rocket Matter is Getting Things Done

By now, most people have at least heard of David Allen’s Getting Things Done. The key to implementing GTD, however, is to ensure that you have a good system that fits the GTD philosophy.

Recently, Rocket Matter has written a post about how to use Rocket Matter to implement GTD. In the post, Larry Port, the guy behind Rocket Matter, explains:

We built this notion of a User Dashboard, where you can see all of your calendar events and to-do’s at a glance.  You can quickly capture next actions, then assign them to matters.

Matters in our system allow you to trap your file information, but really they can organize any information. So, you can just as easily create a matter “Rocket v. Matter” as you can a matter called “@Phone”, and assign a to-do item to either one.

You can easily re-assign a to-do item from one matter to another, allowing you to easily track your next actions.  And with Rocket Matter, all to-do’s can be converted into billable activity.

Rocket Matter is one of the new online practice management systems to hit the market. The things I have heard about it have been good. Knowning that you can easily implement the Getting Things Done system just makes it that much better.

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