A Great Way to Share Your Contact Info

As usual, Ernie the Attorney has another great suggestion:

Whenever I go to an event I usually bring business cards.  Sometimes I remember to hand them out and sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes people to ask me for them, but usually they don’t. When I’m speaking in front of a group I wouldn’t take the time to hand out my cards.  And yet that’s a moment that many people might want my contact information.

The next time I speak or go to an event I’m going to tell people “if you want my contact info take out your cellphone and send a text message to ‘50500’; type in ‘ernieattorney’ and hit send.”  If you want to try this now you can see what those folks will receive.

I know that I have ran into this problem before when speaking.  I think this is a great solution. I, like Ernie, set up my digital business card as well. Simply send a text to 50500, type in BryanSims, and you will get my digital business card back.

The service is provided by Contxts. Click here to sign up.

One thought on “A Great Way to Share Your Contact Info

  1. Contxts sounds like a great way to reach to people who text, and it does spread the business service (good plan, since it spreads the service as you use it). I’m sure at technical conferences a large portion of attendees do text, so it all works

    But I believe it is still important to be able to say – just “Google my name”.

    In fact, if i don’t have business cards handy, I just say that. Luckily I am not “john smith”, so I can be found easily – but it still took work. Linked-in, my blog, my website, spoke, naymz, etc….

    I just tried your name – and I was only two clicks away from your contact info – and I saw your overall internet presence – Avvo, Linked-in. etc

    That is much more “sticky” than a SMS business card, I think.

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