Some Great Web Site Advice

Amber Sparks provides some great website advice. In a recent post, she said:

I tell anyone I meet—are you selling something? Then get a goddamn website. It’s not hard to do. In fact, it can be free. And yes, if you are a writer you’re selling something. Even if it’s just an image. Even if it’s just access to your work. Even it’s just you. Please get a website, writers. It’s so sad when you don’t have a web presence. You’re not a mystery. You’re just… not there.

Although she was speaking mostly to writers, I think the advice applies equally well to attorneys.

I am constantly amazed at the number of attorneys I run into who have no web presence. My philosophy with respect to them is the same as my philosophy about attorneys who do not accept credit cards. Feel free to continue your ways. I will be more than happy to service your clients.

Hat tip to Evan Schaeffer at Beyond the Underground for tipping me off to Amber’s post.

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