Deleting an Undeletable File

If you are like me, you have tried to delete a file and windows has prevented you from doing so. Geeks are Sexy gives us three ways to delete these files, regardless of how much Windows wants to prevent you from doing so.

My favorite tip is

Solution #1: Kill explorer.exe

  • Open a command prompt
  • Navigate to the location where the locked file is
  • Press CTRL-ALT-DEL, click on “task manager”, select the Processes tab
  • Kill the explorer.exe process via the “End Process” button
  • Go back to the command prompt and delete the file
  • Bring up the task manager windows again
  • Select file->new task
  • Type explorer.exe in the “create new task” field
  • Press OK.

The post includes two other solutions:

Solution #2: Use The Windows Recovery Console

Solution #3: Use Unlocker

Head over to the full post to see the complete description of the three options.