A Great Way to Share Your Contact Info

As usual, Ernie the Attorney has another great suggestion:

Whenever I go to an event I usually bring business cards.  Sometimes I remember to hand them out and sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes people to ask me for them, but usually they don’t. When I’m speaking in front of a group I wouldn’t take the time to hand out my cards.  And yet that’s a moment that many people might want my contact information.

The next time I speak or go to an event I’m going to tell people “if you want my contact info take out your cellphone and send a text message to ‘50500’; type in ‘ernieattorney’ and hit send.”  If you want to try this now you can see what those folks will receive.

I know that I have ran into this problem before when speaking.  I think this is a great solution. I, like Ernie, set up my digital business card as well. Simply send a text to 50500, type in BryanSims, and you will get my digital business card back.

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