My Latest Acquisition: Samsung P2570HD

I have written before about how I believe multiple monitors can improve your efficiency. Last week I was working at home and the second monitor I had was not cutting it. The resolution did not allow me to see enough to work properly. Consequently, I jumped on to Amazon and started checking out their monitor selection. At the office I have two external monitors. For the house, however, I decided to go with one, larger monitor. Thus I picked up this beauty.

Samsung MonitorIt is a Samsung P2570HD. Basically, I just picked up a 24.6 inch monitor that doubles a TV, if I want it to. The picture has the monitor next to my laptop for comparison’s sake.

The reviews on Amazon were pretty good and I have to echo those. It is a beautiful monitor that works really well. (I have not tried using it as a television yet). The picture is nice and clear and it displays two pages side by side in Word just beautifully.

If you are looking for a larger monitor, you could certainly do a lot worse than this one. Do check the prices on this, however. The price Amazon has is currently more than what I paid for it. However, you can buy it from J&R (through Amazon) right now for slightly less than what I paid for it.