Staying Connected with Clients

David Swanner of the South Carolina Trial Law Blog hits the nail on the head with his most recent post.

On the topic of how connected you should be to your clients, David says:

“On Friday afternoon, my wife who is about to have our second child was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital for testing. After the tests, but before the results were in she was reading a book and I logged in to the office network, checked e-mail, checked messages and answered a few questions. Before the age of technology, I would have had to leave either my wife or the office in the lurch. Wi-fi is a good thing.”

David then goes on to conclude, however, that we need not be connected to our clients at all times.

“When I travel, I call clients and check in on them. I sometimes call clients on Sunday afternoon to see how their treatment is doing and to make certain all of their questions have been answered. I appreciate my Treo, GoToMyPC and wireless internet. But I also think it’s important to set boundaries to have a personal and family life.”

As usual, excellent advice from David. Jump over to his blog and read the whole post.