Many people, even those who are quite familiar with the internet do not know what RSS is.

In its simplest terms, RSS is a technology that allows you to identify the things that you want to read and have those items aggregated together in a single place for you to read, without having to go to a bunch of different websites. Although RSS is traditionally thought of as a blog technology, many “regular websites” are now using RSS now.

RSS Reed IconIf you are using the latest version of either Firefox or Internet Explorer, identifying those pages that have an RSS feed is very easy now that both browsers use the orange RSS icon.

Law Practice Today has an informative article on RSS and written by Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell. You can also find a series of tutorials on RSS. Ken Adams also has a post on his blog in which he recommends that his readers use an RSS reader. I have to say that I agree with him. If you read any blogs at all, you should be using an RSS reader.

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