Tips For a Happier Life

I happened across a post that promises 30 random ways to a happier life. You should hop over to the post and read all 30. Below I have pulled out some of my favorites.

7. Pick a team in any sport and be a hardcore fan.

It is amazing how much a shared community exists among fans of particular teams. Please note that this does not require you to strip and paint yourself in your team’s colors when the temperature is below freezing.

9. Own a car that doesn’t own you.  There may be no bigger waste of stress than worrying about the looks of a car.  Let it go.

I am constantly amazed at how much of many people’s ego is tied directly to their car. A car is a method of conveyance. It does not determine who you are. If you have the means to own the car that you desire, then go for it that is important to you. I see too many people, however, place themselves terribly in debt just so they can be driving the latest “hot” car.

10. Love what you love.  Don’t trick yourself or others.

This is just great advice. Don’t let others control the things that make you happy.

11. Cut out people that bum you out.

Those clients whose telephone calls you keep dodging because you can’t stand them. Get rid of them. Let them be some other attorney’s headache.

12. Find joy in condiments.  Similarly, acquire tastes just for the hell of it.

Great advice. Right now I am learning to like blue cheese.

13. Stop imagining that people are saying things about you.  They’re mostly just worried about themselves.

You will definitely be much happier if you follow this advice.

19. Learn the basic rules of the major sports.

Very useful for small talk. On a related note, if you live in a metropolitan area where a sports team is doing particularly well or particularly bad, it’s useful to have at least a passing knowledge of this. This topic will definitely come up in small talk situations.

22. Change is unavoidable.  Embrace it, on every level.

Truer words were not spoken. However, this is one I have trouble with. I am not a fan of change.

25. Treat yourself to nice underwear.  Life is too short.

Few things will ruin your day faster than having to wear underwear that you hate.