Tips for Using Your Computer Without the Internet

Here is an interesting post from Speaking Freely about Five Things to do with a PC When You Do Not Have an Internet Connection.

My favorite of the list is probably the first tip:

1. Clean out and categorize your bookmarks. I don’t know about you, but I tend to just click ‘bookmark this page’ and call it good. Yesterday, when I hit the little ‘down arrow’ on Firefox to let the bookmark list scroll down I counted. Not sites, but seconds. 11 seconds worth of scrolling bookmarks is way too many. If you haven’t visited a site in a month it’s not important.

Create categories and organize the list of bookmarks after you’ve eliminated all those links you don’t need. Do not create a miscellaneous category. Catch-all categories do exactly that and soon become difficult to use.

His other suggestions are good as well. I would like to add one additional tip that he did not mention: organizing your email. I use Outlook for my email. I find that downtime is a great time to sort and file any email that I have not yet sorted. Also, it is a great time to archive my email using Adobe Acrobat’s email archiving feature.

A tip of the hat to Futurelawyer for the link.