Friday Fun: The Law & Order Drinking Game

I think I have seen just about every episode of this show (given that it runs all of the time, this is not a particularly remarkable feat). The Cranking Widgets Blog has shared with us the Law & Order Drinking Game.

My two favorites from the list:

  • Jack is ordered by the sitting DA to “Cut a Deal!“ – Whenever the prosecution’s case is somewhat shaky, the District Attorney will often tell Jack to attempt a plea bargain. This directive often follows a heated disagreement between the two – this was a terribly common occurrence during Adam Schiff’s term as DA. Jack reluctantly complies, but usually the offer is ridiculous and the defendant refuses. Then Jack gives him an ass-whooping of epic proportions in court.
  • Either Attorney Says “Withdrawn!“ – Usually preceded immediately by a very inflammatory remark. For example, Jack might say to a witness “You do realize you’re terribly ugly and your mother is a dudeWITHDRAWN.” Also, expect a subdued sense of shock throughout the courtroom as the offending attorney strolls confidently back to his seat.

If you are a Law & Order fan, you will likely the find the entire list quite entertaining. I was disappointed only by the fact that there were no entries for the police portion of the show.