A Great Treo Tip

If you use a Treo, you should be reading the Treonauts Blog. This week, the author was talking about the software enhancements in the new Palm Centro. One of the things the author talked about was the Most Recently Use Application Launcher:

This is not a new enhancement on the Centro but because I had compPalm Quick Launchletely forgotten that it existed on my Treo 680 I thought that it might be worthwhile pointing out how this feature works again.

By simply pressing and holding down your Applications (Home) button for a couple of seconds you will automatically get a small pop-up (image left) on the right hand corner of your screen listing your 8 most recently used applications – particularly helpful if like me you have a ton of icons in your software list.

I had no idea that this feature existed. What a great discovery. This is a nice feature that works on my Treo 700. Now that I know about this, I have a feeling that I will be using this feature quite frequently.