Spam! Spam! Spam! Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam.

I saw today that currently 95% of all email is spam. Given the amount of spam that still gets through my spam filters, I have no trouble believing this.

One of the spam issues that surprises me, however, is the amount of comment spam that I get on this blog. Fortunately, I use a comment spam filter called Akismet. It works really well and I usually have to manually delete comment spam only once or twice a week.

I checked my  Akismet setting just a little while ago. It’s been about a week since I cleaned it out. In that last week, Akismet caught 2,039 2,040 spam comments.

I am not quite sure what these spambots think they are going to accomplish. I am glad, however, that Akismet is doing a great job of keeping almost all of the comment spam off of the blog.