Keep Your PDA Firmly in Hand

Have you ever had trouble keeping your PDA from slipping out of your hand? If so, Sean Bonner has a solution for you. Sean lost his new iPod Touch in a cab. That prompted him to find a solution to prevent this from happening in the future.

He bought skateboard grip tape and adhered it to the back of his iPod. This solution would, of course, work for any similar device.

In an update to his original post, he details how well the grip tape works:

Quick Update: It’s been about a week and this keeps getting linked to so I thought I’d update folks on the antislippageness of this mod. So far it works awesome. And it’s not causing nearly the pocket or finger wear I was expecting. Turns out, and I never would have guessed, but a skateboard is way heavier than an iPod which makes it easier to scratch you when you pick it up. The iPod barely resists at all so there’s never any “scratching” going on. So far I’m pretty happy with this.

Check out his entire post to see pictures of the finished product.