Friday Fun: Fashion Tips

43 Folders, a great place to find tips on getting your life organized or implementing a GTD process, provides some practical fashion tips.

The post provides 3 great tips.

1. When trying anything new, always ask yourself “Is this going to make me more or less likely to get laid?”
2. Everyone looks good in boots.
3. When you find the perfect bag, buy it.

I agree strongly with tip #3. As the poster explains:

Dudes and dudettes, do you know the perfect bag when you see it? The answer will be different for everyone, but it usually involves the perfect marriage of beauty and practicality.

. . .

And if that perfect bag ends up costing a king’s ransom, it doesn’t matter in the least. You can afford it. It is, after all, perfect. And how often does one find perfection in one’s life?

Check out the entire post to see all three tips explained.