Scrolling with MoGo

Last year I bought my wife a MoGo Mouse. The great thing about this mouse is that it stores and recharges in your laptopsMoGo Mouse PC card slot. This means that you always have your mouse with your laptop. Plus, it is always charged. The MoGo connects to your laptop via Bluetooth. Thus, if you have Bluetooth built in your laptop, you can easily carry and use the mouse without adding any extra bulk to what you carry.

The only drawback to the mouse is that it does not contain a scrollwheel (the new version contains a scroll wheel). Once you get used to using a scroll wheel, it is difficult to use a mouse without one. Thus, despite having this cool, easily transportable mouse, my wife wasn’t using it much.

Fortunately, Jeff Beard at LawTech Guru has come to my rescue. He has posted a portable mouse roundup that is very informative. If fact, if you are in the market for a portable mouse, I recommend that you read his post. In his post he mentions that MoGo now offers scrolling software for its mouse.

Following the link, I find that, sure enough, you can download the software from MoGo that allows you to scroll simply by holding down your left mouse button and dragging your mouse. It’s certainly not as elegant as a scroll wheel, but it is definitely better than nothing. As Jeff points out, MoGo’s software is old software revived by a MoGo user looking for a solution to the absence of a scroll wheel.