Friday Fun: Snarky Comments on the TSA’s New Blog

Recently TSA has started a blog. On balance I think this is a good thing. Anything that allows TSA to communicate more directly can only benefit all of us. Plus, it looks like the blog and its comments have lead directly to TSA taking action to limit inconsistent application of its rules.

Nevertheless, the blog provides a great opportunity to poke a little fun at TSA. In this vein, I am particularly fond of a post from Steve Johnson, the Chicago Tribune’s Internet Critic. In his post, Steve provides the Rules of the TSA Blog. These include things such as:

1. Commenters must arrive at the blog 45 minutes before attempting to post a comment.

3. Comments that are longer than three paragraphs are subject to confiscation. For more on the handling of comments, see our post, “Why 1-Quart Zip-Loc Bags are Much More Secure than 1-Gallon Zip-Loc Bags.”

9. The rule about no lithium batteries in checked bags is not TSA’s rule. To complain about that, please visit the FAA’s blog. Oh, that’s right. The FAA doesn’t have a blog. Which agency do you like better now?

My favorite zinger, though, deals with the TSA’s blog title, Evolution of Security:

4. The use of the term “evolution” in the blog’s title does not constitute endorsement by the TSA or this administration of the concept of evolution, generally. TSA believes it may well be possible that airport security is the result of Intelligent Design.

Check out Steve’s entire post to see what else he has to say about the TSA’s new blog.