A New Member to My Household

This week I gained a new member in my Household: A Dell Latitude D630. My D600 was 4+ years old and had starting having problems. The optical drive did not work unless you taped it shut, the internal wireless card stopped working, the power button did not work well, and the touchpad was kind of touchy.  And those are just some of the problems that I was having. Thus, it was time to get a new one.

Dell Latitude D630I was really pleased with how well my old Latitude held up. Despite the problems I was having just recently, I have no complaints about the machine. I take it with me almost everywhere I go. Given the amount of traveling it did, I am pretty impressed that it lasted as long and as well as it did.

The 630 is a nice improvement over the 600. In addition to the increase in speed because of the faster processor and more RAM, it also incorporates some additional features. Perhaps my favor thing is that Dell has added two additional USB ports. My 600 had only two ports in the back. My 630 has two in the back plus two on the right side beside the opitcal drive. I am a USB device junkie. I can never have enough USB ports. It also has a Firewire port. Now I just have to find something to plug into it.

Although it can be a bit of a pain to transfer to a new computer,  this transfer went relatively painless (despite the fact that it was time consuming). Nevertheless, I am quite happy to welcome my new laptop to the family.

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