A Great Interview with Guy Kawasaki

Ultra Creatives 7Last night I listened to an interview of Guy Kawasaki by J.C. Hutchins. Guy is a renowned speaker and technologist. He is currently the managing director of a Venture Capital firm. He does not have anything directly to do with the law (he attended law school for two weeks and then dropped out), but in this interview, he covers a lot of ground on some very interesting topics, including social networking, working with Apple to introduce the first GUI, how to differentiate great ideas from good or bad ideas, and how to become a better public speaker.

To listen to the interview, go here. You can listen to it directly from the website, you can download it to your computer and listen to it, or you can download it to your portable music player and listen to it on that device. If you use iTunes, you can also find the interview there as well.

Regardless, if concepts of the intersection of your business with the internet and marketing interest you at all, you need to listen to this interview.