I Chose the Waterfield Cargo

A short time ago, I solicited suggestions from you as to what computer bag I should purchase. I heard from several people via email, all with good thoughts and suggestions. On different occasions, I almost purchased the Timbuk2 Messenger Bag and the Bum Pack Pack. I still would like to have one of each of those. Instead of those, however, I purchased the Waterfield Large Cargo Bag, with the Celeste Indium flap. I have a couple of small quibbles with this bag. However, for the most part, I love it.

Waterfield LogoFirst, it is a fantastically well made bag. The strap is very secure and easily adjustable. Also, the pad on the strap provides very comfortable cushioning. Plus, because it securely wraps around the strap (and is not attached to it) it easily slides on the strap to its most comfortable location. Additionally, the carry handles are very comfortable. They are nylon and are covered by a rubberized grip of some sort. Whatever it is, its makes it comfortable to carry the bag by the handles.

I chose the paragliding buckle for the front flap and it works easily with just one hand. The zippered pocked under the flap is sufficiently roomy to carry the miscellaneous crap that I carry with me most of the time. Additionally, the full sized pocket behind that, is sufficiently large to hold a small file, several papers, or, in my case, an umbrella. There is a similar pocket on the back side of the bag in whiclh I carry legal publications that I am in the process of reading.Waterfield Cargo

The main zippered pocket is quite roomy and will hold several legal pads as well as a reasonably full Redweld. This area also contains a place to carry your laptop. This is one aspect that I have not yet decided whether I like. With my last bag, I had two zippered pockets. One held only my computer. The other held my files. I am still getting use to having everything in the same large compartment. This seems to work fine. It is just taking me a little time to get used to it. One thing I really like about this main pocket is that it is very tall. It is very easy for me to put my power cable in the bottom of the bag and still have plenty of room to put documents on top of it.

Two of the four minor quibbles that I have with the bag are with the main zippered pocket. First, this main compartment has a handy place to store pens, a checkbook, and other miscellaneous small items. this concept is good. However, I find that I catch my fingers or my papers on these pockets when I am putting them in here. I think I would prefer if this set of pockets were moved to a second compartment. Second, the keyring holder is also in this main compartment. I typically attach my usb thumb drive to this holder. That way I can easily find the thumb drive. I am not sure that I want to do that here, though, given the likelihood that files will be setting on top of the drive if I do this. I wish this was in the zippered pocket under the flap.

Waterfield CargoThe other two minor quibbles are on the outside of the bag. First, there is no good place to attach my luggage tag with my business card on it. Right now I have it attached to the carry straps. It’s not the best location, but there is really no other place to put it. Second, there is a cell phone pocket on the end of the bag. I don’t know anyone who actually carries their cell phone in the computer bag. This pocket is just wasted space for me. I wish that it were just a little larger, however. If it were, it would be the perfect size to hold a bottle of water.

Any comments on Waterfield’s bags would not be complete without mentioning their fantastic customer service. Every time that I have dealt with them (I have previously ordered other products from them as well), I have spoken with a polite person, located in the Waterfield office in San Francisco. The person I spoke with was always able to help me and sounded glad to be able to do so. After I had received my bag, I received a call from Waterfield making sure that I had received my order (they had some sort of a mix up on their end. I am sure that they do not call all of their customers). When I returned the call, rather early in the morning (at least early for California), I am pretty sure that the Gary that I spoke with was the Gary who owns the company.

In sum, I have never seen a computer bag that was as well-made and appeared to be as sturdy as this bag. It is comfortable and easy to use. I would not hesitate to purchase this bag again.