Favorites: Firefox Extensions

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my favorite aspect of Firefox is that I can customize it using Extensions. Below are my favorite Firefox extensions, provided in alphabetical order.

Bug Me Not (the extension) allows you to use Bug Me Not (the service) to access websites requiring registration without having to divulge your private information or completing the annoying registrations.

Colorful Tabs makes each of your tabs a different color. Sure this extension has no practical purpose, but it sure does make the browser prettier.

Copy Plain Text allows you to copy text from web pages and paste it as plain text.

Down Them All allows you to download several files from a web page at once. A nifty extension that is absolutely invaluable in those situations where it is needed.

Forecast Fox places information in your status bar at the bottom of your web browser to tell you the current temperature and the forecast.

IE Tab allows you to open a web page in Internet Explorer in a Firefox tab.

IE View allows you to open a particular web page in Internet Explorer. You can also mark certain pages to always be opened in Internet Explorer. This extension is necessary because some short-sighted people refuse to make their web compatible with Firefox.

Image Zoom allows you to zoom in or out on a particular image.

Map+ allows you to easily view a map of a selected address.

Tab Mix Plus provides you with several options to customize your tabs. One of the best customizations is the ability to put a close tab x on both the tab and the tab bar. This extension may disable other tab modifying extensions that you have.

Tiny URL Creator allows you to create a Tiny URL simply by right clicking on a web page. I use this extension all of the time when I am sending links to other people.

Track Package allows you to track a package from a web page or email simply by selecting the tracking number and selecting track package. It currently works with UPS, USPS, FedEX, DHL, and a couple of other services.

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  1. One of my friends raves about Foxtunes – which allows you to control your MP3 player from your computer. For those of you that have them, that is…

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