Looking for Help with a My Documents Problem

I have a computer problem that has been giving me fits. I hope that someone here can help me with this.

I have a computer in which the power supply and part of the motherboard got fried. I would guess the problem origianated in the power supply and then killed part of the motherboard. Anyway, I pull the hard drive, pop it in an external case and fire it up. It appears to be working fine. I can access everything on the drive EXCEPT for the stuff in the My Documents folder.

For reasons that I won’t go into, we need to recover the files from this My Documents folder. (Please note, this is not my computer and it is not my fault that there is not a good backup). The drive appears to be working fine and every other file on the drive is intact and able to be retrieved. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to access the files within that folder?

Update: I guess I should have been a little more clear in my question. A commentor asked for clarification:

Are you going through C:\Documents and settings\[user]\My Documents?

Yes, this is how I am attempting to access the folder. I have also attempted to redefine this folder as the My Documents folder for the new computer.

Are you getting some kind of error?

Yes, I am being told that the folder is not accessible. This is the message I get anytime that I try to access the folder (even when I try to designate it as the My Documents folder for the new computer).

3 thoughts on “Looking for Help with a My Documents Problem

  1. Just a thoght, try copying the next higher fodler using windows explorer and buring it to CD. If this fails again, go to a dos command prompt and do it the old fashioned way. Copy the entire folder from one locatio nto another. While the end results might be the same, the mechaics behind them might be slightly different a might allow the copy to occur.

    Thought 2, ask tonight at dinner. The geek squad might have an idea. Almost sounds to me that the fodler permissions aer whacked. Might need to reset them using one of those high tech utility programs.

  2. Anytime you experience a computer problem, the error message will be invaluable in determining the cause and solution. Click on the error message box and press CTRL+C to copy the error message to your clipboard.

    It’s possible you don’t have file permissions on the folder. Right click the folder and choose properties, then add your username with full permissions on the Security tab. You may also need to designate your username as the “owner” of the folder before you can set security permissions.

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