5 in 1 Treo Charging Kit

Treonauts points us toward a great accessory for your Treo: The SPE ExtraPower USB 5 in 1 charging set.This is the perfect accessory for anyone who travels.5 in 1

The kit contains:

  • A retractable USB cable
  • A Treo HotSync and charge tip
  • A Palm power connector
  • A tip to charge SonyEricsson Bluetooth Headsets
  • A miniUSB tip (to charge other Bluetooth Headsets)
  • A 5v power connector (can charge a TomTom GPS receiver)

This is a great product for people who use a Treo along with a Bluetooth headset. You can charge all of your devices with one simple kit. Additionally, you also end up with a nice retractable USB cable that you can use with any USB or miniUSB device.