What’s in My Travel Bag?

I recently received an email from someone asking what they should include in their travel bag. Without knowing their specific situation, that is difficult for me to answer. However, I can tell you what I travel with and explain why I have what I have.

  • Computer power adapter: This is something you want to make sure you do not forget. You don’t want to get somewhere and realize that you used the last of your computer’s battery during your flight.
  • Power Strip. I have been in way too many hotel rooms that have only one or two outlets. This makes it difficult to plug in everything that you need to power or charge. Some hotels have started including power strips in their rooms. However, I still take one with me.
  • Wireless Travel Router. I actually use one made by Linksys that is no longer available. I got a great deal on it when CompUSA was closing. Many hotels offer wired only internet access. I don’t like having to be tied to the desk to access the internet. A travel router makes it easy to create your own secure wireless cloud so you are not chained to the hotel desk.
  • Network Cable. I have a short piece of cat 5 networking cable (about 6 feet) just in case the hotel does not have a cable or in case the hotel cable is not long enough.
  • USB Connector Kit. One of this pretty much guarantees that you are able to connect your computer to just about any USB device. This is just very handy to carry around. Cables to Go makes a very nice kit.
  • Keypad. I hate trying to enter numbers on a laptop keypad. Therefore I always keeps a keypad in my bag. They also make wireless versions. I just wish someone would make a bluetooth version.
  • Headphones. If you are flying, you probably want a set of noise canceling headphones. Otherwise, I always keep a set of headphones in my computer bag in case I want to listen to or watch something on my computer.
  • MP3 player. It’s always good to have some tunes available to you when you are traveling.
  • Camera. To take pictures.
  • Kindle. I love mine and wouldn’t travel without it.
  • Chargers for the rest of your devices. Make sure you take what you need to charge all of the other devices you are carrying (phone, camera, mp3 player, etc.). Fortunately, most devices can be charged via USB, if you have the right connectors. Make sure you get those and lessen the number of power cords you have to carry.

Assembling a travel bag is not something that happens overnight. It takes time (and sometimes a trip where you say to yourself, “I can’t believe I forgot to bring X.”) As I mentioned above, I picked up my travel router at a store closing sale, my wife grabbed my keypad for me at an after Thanksgiving sale for less than $5, I picked up my USB kit at a Tiger Direct sale.

The trick is to know what you want and just keep your eye open for good deals to stock your travel bag.

I am curious as to what I missed. What do you carry that I don’t. Alternatively, does anyone think I am crazy for carrying what I do?


On a positive note, I have made my first post in Sean Carter’s attempt to get people blogging regularly.