Pike’s Peak or Bust

From Pike's Peak

This is the view I had from near the top of Pike’s Peak. At the same time I had this beautiful view, I was able to take a couple of minutes, check my email, and confirm with a potential new client that the client had retained our firm to represent it in a new litigation matter.

The great thing about staying connected with a Treo is that I can spend just a couple of minutes checking my email, putting out any major fires, and addressing any major concerns. Then I can go back to my vacation without having to worry about things at the office.

Additionally, there is just something neat about being able to check my email while at the top of Pike’s Peak.

2 thoughts on “Pike’s Peak or Bust

  1. Of course, while you were there, you went rock hunting for me and got me a few nice sample from the Peak. Look fo rthe green and blue crystals.

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