Hilton Hotels and iCalendar

I recently had to book a hotel stay. I booked the hotel through the Hilton website. When I completed the reservation, the system gave me the option to have my stay information emailed to me in iCalendar format.

I selected this option and a few minutes later I had an email with my hotel information contained within it. I accepted the meeting and I then had a calendar entry with the hotel name and city. The note attached to the calendar entry contained my confirmation number as well as the full street address and telephone number of the hotel. After syncing my Treo, I now had all of this information on my Treo.

This is a great little option offered by Hilton, that I had not seen before on other reservation sites. This gives me one more reason to book my hotel stays through Hilton’s website.
The question I have, however, is: Why doesn’t everyone do this? I imagine it is not terribly difficult to program. Plus, it is great feature for your consumers.