Improving Acrobat’s Document Compare Function

Adobe Acrobat has a really powerful document compare feature. This is a great feature in that there are times that you just can’t get  a copy of the original word processing document to run a comparison with it. One of the drawbacks of the feature, however, is that sometimes the amount of information that you get can be overwhelming.

In this case, getting too much information can be almost as bad as not getting enough information. Fortunately, Adobe has come up with a way to modify the types of information that you see when you compare documents.

The information can be found here at The PDF Developer Junkie Blog. The author has written a JavaScript that will add a menu item that allows you additional control over what you see in the document compare screens.

The great thing is that you really don’t have to understand what he is talking about in order to use the script. Simply follow his step by step instructions to download the script and add another feature to your Acrobat menu.