An Acrobat Question Regarding Form Fields

One of the things I love about Acrobat 9 is the ease with which you can create forms. Adding form fields is quite easy and makes working with pre-printed court forms a piece of cake.

I was recently working on a form the other day, however, and realized that I wanted to create a field that automatically calculated the information based on the information provided in another field. I know that you can create calculated fields in Acrobat, but I don’t know how to create the calculation script for what I want. I was hoping that some Acrobat expert has a suggestion for me.

What I am looking for is a script that will do the following: Field 1 is a date. For field 2, I would like the field to automatically calculate the date 3 days before the date entered in Field 1.

Is this something that can be done? Does anyone know how to write this script?

One thought on “An Acrobat Question Regarding Form Fields

  1. Bryan,

    I’m sure it can be done via JavaScript, but it’s beyond my expertise.
    It likely involves some JavaScript calculations, like those described here:

    I’d recommend you post your question on the Acrobat forum:

    If this is more than a one-off question and you’d like some professional help in designing PDF forms, there are a number of developers out there who can help, people like:

    Good luck.

    Dave Stromfeld, Adobe

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