Make Sure Your Communication is a Two Way Street

Many of us get into a habit of doing things in a certain manner. Once we develop these habits, it’s often very difficult for us to change them. However, we must remember that, just because we do things a certain way, that does not mean that everyone else does it the same way.

This is especially true when dealing with our clients. We need to keep in mind that the way things work in the legal world, is not the way that things work in the real world. If your client sends you an email to ask you a question, he probably does not want you to respond to him with a letter. On the other hand, if your client always calls you and never uses his email, maybe your best communication with him is via phone, not email.

Please note that I am posting this gentle reminder because I don’t want to rant about a person I am dealing with who insists on responding to my emails by mailing me documents. I don’t understand his obsession with doing this and it is driving me crazy. In fact, based on our coorespondence thus far, I have concluded that I will be purchasing my services through someone other than him.