Yes! A New Convert

When I find someone else who has converted to a multiple monitor set up, I feel a completely irrational rush of happiness. No, there is no rational explanation for this. However, multiple monitors provide such an efficiency boost that I think everyone should use them.

Recently, The Greatest American Lawyer has started drinking the Kool Aid. As Enrico explains:

I’m quite ashamed to say that, for all of my talk about being a high-tech law firm, I am only now setting up two monitors for my laptop computer at work.  There is no doubt, no controversy and no contrary argument to the simple fact that two monitors are better than one.Two monitors all you to eliminate the amount of scrolling and window switching and allows you to mix and match your browsers as well as help organize your desktop and increase productivity.

He even provides some links to articles from PC World, CNN Money and others that extol the virtues of using multiple monitors.

Isn’t it time for you to upgrade to multiple monitors? Come on, all of the cool kids are doing it.

Just because I happened to have my camera with me, below is a picture of my multiple monitor set up.