CaseMap Seminar in Los Angeles

CaseMapI can’t believe that I forgot to mention this before. CaseMap is holding a user summit at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles on May 8. The summit is not a traditional seminar, but is instead comprised of sessions taught by professionals who actually use CaseMap and its companion programs TimeMap and TextMap. The sessions focus on the best practices for the use of those programs.

The cost is $395, which includes a full day seminar, breakfast, lunch, and a cocktail reception. You may also be able to earn up to 6 hours CLE credit. If you are interested, contact Nancy Smith at 904-276-1028.

If you are able to be in the area on the 8th, you would probably do welTimeMapl to attend this conference. I have attended two all day seminars that were conducted by the CaseMap trainers. Both were excellant. Based on the information that I have seen on the this seminar, I would expect this one to be just as good.

If your practice involves litigation and you are not using CaseMap, you should check it out. CaseMap is one of the most powerful programs that I have ever used. It works great at linking documents, issues, people, and facts together so that you can easily find out information that you need and the documentation to prove those facts.

Ernie Svenson at PDF for Lawyers describes the seminar as “a truly unique learning opportunity.” I think he’s hit the nail on the head there.