Google Magic

I am a big fan of what Google does with its search capabilities (along with other things). I love the fact that you can use Google search to perform math, to convert between different measurements, to track your UPS packages, etc.

That features all work great , but I like it when they do something new and cool.

Today, I learned about something cool you can do with Google Image search. With Google Image search, you can now drag a picture to your search bar and Google will search for it. This is similar to the Google Goggles, app, but cooler, I think.

I tried this both with some paintings from Picasso as well as a Chicago style hot dog. Google correctly identified everything that I threw at it.

I am sure Google is using the photo’s metadata to help with the search. Regardless, I think this is pretty awesome.

Hattip to Slog for pointing this out.