A Plug for Google Scholar

After court today, I visited the law library in the courthouse. Given that I do most of my research online, I don’t spend much time in the law library. However, today, I wanted to take a look at a treatise. I then decided that the library would be a good place for me to work on the response brief I was drafting.

I had my laptop with me, so I went to work.

As I was writing, I discovered that I needed a case to support a particular position. Because the library has wi-fi, I was able to log on to my WestlawNext Account and search for what I needed. During the search, I came across a case from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. I wanted to see if the case was useful, but I knew that it was outside of my plan.

Not wanting to give up, I decided to see if Google Scholar had the case. I put the inf0rmation into Google and in a few seconds I was reading the case (and realizing that it was of no use to me). The thing I love about the process was that pulling the case up was no more difficult than typing its name into my Google Search bar.

So, if you are looking for a case that it outside your subscription plan, give Google Scholar a try.

Now, for the embarrassing part of the story. It was only after I was done and leaving the library that I realized I could have just pulled the reporter from shelf. I was in a law library for heaven’s sake. However, the though of pulling the physical book never even crossed my mind.

4 thoughts on “A Plug for Google Scholar

  1. I agree Brian. I use google scholar all of the time. Especially when I only have a case name and no citation. I can just type in the case name and a few key terms. It’s so much easier than a westlaw search.

  2. Hilarious. I would not have thought to pull the reporter either! Were you in DuPage? I was wondering if they had wi-fi the other day.

  3. Yes I was in DuPage.

    Actually, they have very good wi-fi coverage with separate wi-fi clouds in the jury assembly area, the cafeteria, the law library, and the Attorney Resource Center. If only all courthouses were this user friendly.

  4. Google Scholar is wonderful. I use it all the time except when I find the information I can add text right into my document or link the Google text to my Matter while I work in real-time using HoudiniESQ.

    HoudiniESQ is a cutting edge web-based practice management practice application that has Google Scholar tightly integrated. I don’t even have to cut-n-paste URL’s because I can search Google Scholar right from with my case in HoudiniESQ.

    I gave up on TIme Matters last October and moved to the Cloud and HoudiniESQ. I haven’t looked back since.

    HoudiniESQ isn’t just Cloud you can install it on-premise too if the Cloud isn’t for you. This product is the future.

    Check it out http://houdiniesq.com

    Antonio Marcaze

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